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People Shouldn’t Make Promises They Cannot Keep! – We Get It!

Frustrated Purchasing Agen

Poor Sheet Metal Fabricators cause undue stress.

Time after time you find yourself having to call to find out where your parts are. No one seems to care that you have deadlines and customer due dates of your own. Doesn’t anyone check to make sure your parts are within your specifications prior to shipping?

Don’t put your career in the hands of an unreliable sheet metal fabricator. There is an alternative.

Since 2006, we have proudly earned trust from a diverse customer base in a variety of industries.

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You deserve to have confidence in your Sheet Metal Fabricator.

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Our team will help you ascertain if we are a good fit for your project requirements.

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You’ll get a value-based quote that meets your quality specifications with a promised delivery date.

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Your quality product arrives when promised. It’s our commitment to you.

Step 4


No more tracking down shipments, returning bad parts or enduring production delays.

Our Services

Laser Cutting

Precision laser cutting is a specialty for us with five specially equipped, high-speed machines.
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Turret punch presses to produce custom sheet metal components with intricate features.
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Our press brakes and software tools enable us to bend as well as fold metal sheets to diverse shapes.
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Our team of AWS D1.1 welders as well as robotic welding equipment comprise our welding department.
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To supplement our world-class metal fabrication process, we provide assembly services in-house.
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Our Chattanooga fleet of trucks delivers
daily to a regional area.
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Square Foot Facility

Parts Shipped Annually

Plant Operations

Quality Reject

People Matter, Relationships Matter, Promises Matter, Quality Matters.

Are you tired of fighting fires? Do you wish you had a reliable sheet metal fabricator in the Southeast? Do you wish you could leave work and actually enjoy your evening and sleep that night? You can.

Metalworking Solutions’ team knows what it is like having your career on the line hoping that material arrives on time. We were founded with what many call “old fashioned” values. Where a person’s word is truly their bond and a handshake means something. We have been operating that way since we started in 2006. We continue to serve our customers in that way.

We’ve never met a company, only people. Companies don’t do business, people do. Men and women represent more than companies, they represent families, colleagues, and friends. We know there is a lot at stake when a buyer favors us with an order. It’s our desire to see every person we do business with advance in their careers and improve their ability to support their family and those around them.

Work with a team that cares about your success.

Here at Metalworking Solutions we build OEM manufacturing components for the following industry segments every day. In addition, we provide manufactured component parts for some of the largest display and fixture suppliers in the industry.

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Tell us about your project requirements. Our expert team can help you find the right solutions.

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Based on your quality specifications, we’ll propose value-based options and a promised delivery date.

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We are commited to on-time delivery. Your product arrives when its promised, with the quality you expect.

Step 4


Gone are the days of returning bad parts, enduring production delays, and tracking down shipments.

Forgo the hassle.

No need for concern about tariffs, supply chain logistics delays, and poor communication

Your parts are cut, formed, welded, painted or coated, and assembled in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Move from frustrated and concerned
to confident and pleased.

ISO 9001:2015

AWS D1.1 Welding Certification

    2019  Morgan Olson Presidential Circle of Excellence

    2019  Finalist Chattanooga Small Business of the Year

    2018  Chattanooga Regional Manufacturing Association Company of the Year

    2011  Chattanooga Small Business of the Year

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