Finishing & Assembly Services

Metalworking Solutions specializes in complete box-build assembly services for welded assemblies, electrical enclosures, control panels, and racks.

Finishing and assembly services are critical components of the manufacturing and production industry that can significantly impact a product’s quality and durability. The backbone of these services are powder coating finishes, a process that enhances the visual appeal of products and imparts superior protection against wear and corrosion.

Our facility offers powder coating services and expert light assembly solutions customized for OEMs in the electrical power, agricultural, heavy equipment, and delivery vehicle sectors. If you’re looking for top-notch assembly finishing services, look no further than Metalworking Solutions.

Comprehensive Assembly Solutions

At Metalworking Solutions, we provide comprehensive assembly solutions that meet today’s fast-paced production demands. Our services include powder coating finishes, which improves the appearance of your products and significantly enhances their resistance to environmental damage.

Powder coating boosts productivity, improves efficiency, and simplifies adherence to environmental standards, making it a smart choice for OEMs in various industries. We have an extensive range of powder coating services that cater to diverse finishing requirements, making sure your products are finished to perfection.

With our advanced sheet metal assembly processes, we can handle a wide range of project requirements, delivering precision and quality in every piece. Our experienced team is adept at assembly finishing, taking your project from the initial concept to the final product efficiently and skillfully.

Furthermore, we offer additional services such as product packaging and drop shipping, catering to OEMs and other industries looking to streamline logistics and supply chain management. Whether you need a complete box build or assistance with specific parts, our team has the expertise and resources to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Reasons to Choose Us

Choosing Metalworking Solutions for your assembly and finishing needs offers numerous advantages recognized by our clients since 2006. Here are the key reasons why our services stand out:

  • Expertise Across Industries: Our team offers tailored solutions for the electrical power, farm implement, heavy equipment, and delivery vehicle industries, ensuring your project aligns with industry standards.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our 90,000 sq. ft. fabrication facility and 73,000 sq. ft powder coating facility are  fully equipped to provide precise sheet metal assemblies and flawless finishes using state of the art methods and machinery.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We’re committed to reducing your assembly and finishing costs without compromising quality or efficiency.
  • Customizable Services: We offer customizable services to meet your needs and requirements. We also offer other services, such as welding and machining.
  • Sustainability Focus: Metalworking Solutions’ powder coating services are designed to be environmentally friendly, helping your business adhere to green standards.

Enhance Your Product’s Quality with Metalworking Solutions

Metalworking Solutions offers comprehensive assembly finishing and powder coating expertise and services, ensuring your products meet the highest quality and durability standards. Our years of experience, advanced technology, and a focus on sustainability make us the ideal partner for OEMs across various industries.

If you want to improve your products with top-notch assembly finishing and powder coating, contact us today to discuss your project needs, and discover how our customizable and cost-effective solutions can benefit your business. Let us be your trusted partner in achieving exceptional product quality and performance.