Industries Served

Metalworking Solutions is a precision sheet metal fabrication expert, serving diverse industries to support their respective applications. Regardless of the complexity of their projects or the meticulous regulations of their industries, Metalworking Solutions has the experience and expertise to deliver unrivaled results with consistency and accuracy.

We deliver top-notch products on time, ensuring our client’s requirements are met. Our team of experts is equipped with the most advanced technology and equipment, enabling us to offer a wide range of services from machining to finishing and assembly. With years of background knowledge in each industry, you can always rely on us for superior outcomes.

Industries that Choose Us

Our precision sheet metal fabrication services apply to almost all industries because of the quality we manage to deliver.

Below are the primary industries we work with:


Machinery equipment is a complicated system that requires high-precision elements to function correctly. We understand the significance of exact measurements, tight tolerances, and rigid specifications in this industry, and our team is prepared to accomplish exceptional products to ensure optimal performance.

Types of customers we serve:

Earth Moving Equipment: We can create parts with thick gauges of steel to withstand constant exposure to stressful environments.
Mining Equipment: Prevent premature machine failure during critical mining operations with enduring pieces that meet your needs.
Agricultural & Construction Equipment: We specialize in metal fabrication for agriculture components to build heavy-duty vehicles.
Recycling and Waste Management Equipment: Waste management is critical to maintaining cleanliness in our streets, and we have supplied parts for numerous years to customers that fabricate waste management equipment.

Electrical Equipment & Appliances

Electrical equipment, such as appliances and industrial electronics, uses top-grade materials in its manufacturing process to guarantee safe and reliable products. Our metal fabrication capabilities can create parts for professional-grade instruments that abide by their industry’s standards, such as NEMA.

Types of customers we serve:

Industrial Computer: Paired with our precision sheet metal fabrication service is assembly, which is ideal for clients who need formed hardware and gaskets for NEMA enclosures.
Generator & Boiler: We focus on fabricating and assembling parts to create portable generators and boiler enclosures.
Industrial Power Solution: Premium components are needed in manufacturing industrial power solutions since these are often installed in environments with harsh weather conditions.
Battery Storage: Effective organization of battery systems can be achieved with innovative storage cabinets with top-quality parts.
Recreational Vehicle Appliances: We provide the RV industry with elements needed in producing recreational enclosures for HVAC and other appliances installed in these vehicles.

Retail Display & Fixtures

Retail displays and fixtures are some of our leading clients, building large fixtures or displays on time while meeting their stringent project prerequisites and specifications to ensure rigorous quality every time.

Types of customers we work with:

Light Casings: Light casings are some of the industry’s most innovative and detailed fixtures. Fortunately, our precision sheet metal fabrication capability allows us to accomplish components that will surpass expectations.
Shelves, Brackets, & Supports: We can manufacture all types of parts and components in varying shapes and sizes to fit our clients’ unique designs..

Transportation Equipment

Safety and reliability are at the top of our priorities when developing components for transportation equipment. We understand the importance of maintaining strict tolerances based on the industry’s demanding regulations, ensuring that every product can aid in producing robust and functional equipment.

Types of customers we serve:

Distribution & Delivery Vehicle: Delivery vehicles must be built with durable and quality materials to perform without failure since these are utilized almost every day.
Mass Transit Vehicles, Containers, and Infrastructure: Precision-cut parts fabricated according to specific guidelines are crucial to delivering excellent results for mass transit vehicles and infrastructure.
Interstate and Highway Paving Equipment: Road infrastructure takes a front seat for better accessibility and convenience. Therefore, all equipment in these operations must remain uncompromised and made with our precision machined parts.

Warehouse & Material Handling

Any warehouse and material handling equipment should be resilient and hardwearing to withstand their rugged tasks. Our precision sheet metal fabrication services provide clients with superior parts guaranteed to enhance the performance of their equipment in this segment.

Types of customers we serve:

Conveyor Systems: These heavy-duty systems are manufactured with our precision components to prevent downtimes and provide efficient material handling.
Storage Racks, Brackets, and Shields: We support warehouses with racks, brackets, and shields made with the components we made to configure their facilities and offer more protection to their products.
Process Automation Systems: Manual intervention is eliminated with process automation systems assembled to specification with our precision machined components.

Information Technology & Communication Components

Customized and galvanized IT parts can be consistently achieved through our range of precision sheet metal fabrication services. Our capabilities can achieve the materials needed to produce the highly technical components in the information technology and communication industry.

Types of customers we serve:

Racking & Infrastructure: Custom racking and infrastructure can be produced with the parts we deliver, whether the project’s designs are complicated.
Hardware Mounting: Simple or sophisticated hardware is secured with the proper mounting made with our precision machined components.
Telecommunication Infrastructure: High-performance parts with super quality are made for telecommunication towers and other infrastructures to avoid premature failure and help preserve signal strength.

Let Metalworking Solutions Fulfill Your Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Needs

The project’s size and difficulty don’t stop our team of craftsmen from delivering world-class outcomes that can instantly improve our client’s bottom line. With superlative quality and unparalleled accuracy, we make sure to meet the highest standards in the manufacturing industry.

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