Life is a Business – Chapter 9

A series of essays on the past, the present, and the future

If you have decided where you want to go, where’s the map and driving plan? If we agreed to meet at the corner of Hollywood and Vine in LA at 12:00 noon in 7 days, what would you do? You would get a map or go on MapQuest to determine the best route, the mileage and then go to the Weather Channel to see if there are any environmental risks, then prepare the car for the trip by changing the oil, filling the gas tank, checking the tires, etc. You would plan daily start/stop points, time requirements to be at waypoints and make sure you had either cash or credit card coverage of anticipated expenses along the way. If it took two people, you would select a good partner you could not only trust, but also get along with alone in a car for many hours/days. If properly motivated with a reward for being there on time, 99.9% of sane adults could do it, along with 100% of teenagers!

Go back now and read the paragraph above with the knowledge that I just described how to start a business successfully. I just described how to pick a mate in life and build a family. I just described how to manage your own personal journey through this life. How could something that damn simple be so hard?

Go back to the introduction to this series and read the section on “what you think you know,” then go once again to the mirror and check for warts.

We see what we want to see, we see what we choose to see; others see our warts, but often never tell us. You must see and be honest with yourself, no matter how vain you are. You can change things if you would but try.

By Bill Hewgley