Life is a Business – Chapter 38

A series of essays on the past, the present, and the future

This essay is dedicated to all the women, both young and old, who have been disappointed once they bought the pretty package, only to find out that the gift inside was not as great as the wrapping! All guys should read this and apologize for overpromising and under delivering in our romantic relationships.

We have discussed the fact that each of us is a salesperson from childhood; we always present ourselves in the best light to obtain that which we seek from others. When we tell our parents, spouses, friends or family that we have failed, we usually exaggerate the impact of others and minimize our own responsibility. I feel certain that anyone who grew up with siblings knows this lesson well and remembers taking at least one whipping for a brother or sister who threw us under the bus!

This childhood and adolescent behavior sometimes carries forward into our adult lives-both business and personal. It must be left behind and “unlearned”, lest it be the most destructive force in all aspects of one’s life.  As a well-formed adult, you must take personal responsibility for who and what you are; then never overplay your hand or play the victim of circumstance. I am not saying that you should not “put your best foot forward” at all times – just be honest that it’s really your foot!

Beware when someone tells you the following:

  1. How smart they are
  2. How rich they are
  3. How important they are
  4. How connected they are
  5. How politically influential they are
  6. How great they are, period

Your Mother probably told you: “if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…”

My own mother often spoke of never becoming the “Nouveau Riche”, those who flaunt their newly found wealth with extravagant excess for show. Those with old, deep money usually stay very quiet and low key…they don’t have to tell you how they are doing…you just know.  The worst offenders I see are the “Young Turks”, guys who were just lucky to be born into wealth, but act like they succeeded all by themselves.

“Born on third base, but tells everyone he hit a triple…”

Sorry ladies – we men are just little boys on a bigger playground with more expensive toys…testosterone makes us act stupid sometimes…our brains finally firm up around the time grandchildren arrive.

By Bill Hewgley